Is complacency with your achievements leading you to a setback?

Why Contentment Is Harmful To Your Business

Celebrating milestones in your business is something one will, and should, always do. However, becoming content with those achievements can lead to a setback.

Complacency is harmful to your business. What works now may not work next month.

As a start-up or small business, staying educated with changes in your industry is crucial.

Is complacency with your achievements leading you to a setback?

Here’s a process you can include in your business routine today:

Perform a weekly review of the plans and strategies for growing and profiting in your business.

  • Do you need to make adjustments based on new technology or new competitive products/services?
  • Is there a need to train or hire individuals who have the skills to get your business to the next level?
  • Should you add a dedicated Social Media Manager to your team?
  • Do you need to update — or create! — your social media marketing strategy?

To stay profitable, a business owner must always stay aware of changes and be capable of adjusting to the ins-and-outs in their industry.

As a business owner, what daily or weekly routine do you perform on your own or with your team to ensure continued success?

Glynis is an Independent Consultant who works with small businesses and entrepreneurs, with a focus on content writing, ghostwriting, social media marketing and web design. As a strong customer service advocate, she enjoys sharing information and also performs inside sales for select online businesses. Her other passions include traveling, exercising, volunteering with non-profits, continuous learning, and squashing the stereotype of an online gamer.
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