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Top 5 Qualities of a Social Media Manager

Social media is more than posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To engage your audience and succeed with social media marketing, your Social Media Manager needs specific skills and traits.

Social Media Manager Qualities

Top 5 Qualities of a Social Media Manager

  1. Customer Support Experience. As an advocate for exceptional customer service, this is at the top of the list. In today’s heavy social media usage environment, it takes 5 seconds to destroy your business’s reputation, and have a negative conversation spread to multiple platforms. Your Social Media Manager will be the person representing your business, posting, and responding to messages. It’s important she knows how to engage with a diverse audience, not be easily triggered, and always communicate professionally.
  2. Writing. Content is crucial for displaying your knowledge in your industry and showcasing your products or services. Your Social Media Manager should be skilled in writing blogs and posts that engage with the purpose of helping your audience and promoting without coming across as salesy or robotic and full of jargon.
  3. Create Visual Content. When people visit your website or social media accounts, they will form a first impression within seconds. The ability to create original designs and videos is a must in today’s visual driven marketing world.
  4. Online and Public Communication. Having social skills or having grown up in the age of social media does not mean a person can manage your social media communities or make effective public speeches. Online presentations matter. Additionally, exhibiting confidence, passion, and authenticity while speaking are necessary to peak and hold the interest of an audience. There will also be a need to create live videos, perform conference speeches and networking engagements on behalf of your business.
  5. Always Be Learning. A Social Media Manager should be willing and able to continuously learn new things, experiment with various techniques, stay on top of the latest marketing developments, and quickly adapt to any changes. For example, a person who waits around to see what the other guys — your competitors — are doing and then attempts to employ the same marketing technique, is not the way to go.

In the end, it’s your business’s reputation, and whether your social media presence conveys trust. There are many other skills and traits to consider. Before hiring your Social Media Manager, ask questions — ask a lot of questions.

What process did you or will you use to select your Social Media personnel?

Glynis is an Independent Consultant who works with small businesses and entrepreneurs, with a focus on content writing, ghostwriting, social media marketing and web design. As a strong customer service advocate, she enjoys sharing information and also performs inside sales for select online businesses. Her other passions include traveling, exercising, volunteering with non-profits, continuous learning, and squashing the stereotype of an online gamer.
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