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How To Grow An Audience on Social Media (Infographic)

Buying followers for your business social media pages is a bad idea. Yes, you will have a high number of followers displaying on your social accounts. However, visitors will suspect your followers are not real.

Why? You have a lot of followers, yet no one is engaging with your posts.

These fake followers can damage your business’s brand.

Instead, try these tips and connect with people who are interested in your products or services.

How To Grow An Audience on Social Media


Is Mixing Business With Personal Damaging Your Business

Is Mixing Business and Personal a Bad Practice?

Many people regularly interact on one or more social platforms. This interaction makes it very easy, or often tempting, to blur the line between business and personal comments.

For some, having one social account for both business and personal interaction may, at first, be OK. But in the long-run, is merging both personal and business content damaging or undermining the company’s reputation?

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Are you Sabotaging Your Business on Social Media

Are You Sabotaging Your Social Media Accounts?

Social media is a part of every industry today, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Business owners recognize the benefit of social media marketing and capturing new leads because potential customers are all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and even LinkedIn.

There are currently over 1,500 billion accounts on Facebook alone and over 300 million accounts on Twitter. You are missing out on a huge market by not maintaining a visible and active presence on social media platforms.

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