Happy New Year 2016 - Glynis.net

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year! What a crazy ride it’s been!  Here’s to hoping your year ended on the positive side and with many goals accomplished!

New Year's 2016 - Glynis.net

This year will be the year where social media will see many changes to its tools and search engines will implement new algorithms, making businesses adapt in order to keep up.

There will continue to be substantial growth in the marketing plans of businesses recognizing the return on investing in social media and mobile marketing (when done correctly).

The desktop computer will collect a bit more dust, as more people (and potential customers) rely 100% on their mobile devices for engaging on social media sites, watching live TV and movies, shopping, banking, gaming, viewing websites, video meetings, and many other every day tasks.

So, rise and grind and get to working on your personal and business goals for 2016!