Cut Costs for Small Business

5 Ways to Cut Costs for Your Small Business

As an independent consultant, freelancer, or small business owner you know that every dollar matters. You never want to waste a cent of money on trivial expenses.

In the article Why Quitting Should Never Be an Option, I discussed the doubts a first-time business owner may face — with one being the major mindset obstacle that at some point you’re going to want to give up. The main reason for considering to press the pause button on your small business venture is usually money, or more precise — the lack of money.

Whether it’s your monthly expenses exceeding your net income or you’re at a constant break-even with no growth — you just don’t have enough money to do what you want and to make all of those idea bulbs in your head a reality.

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New Business - Failure or Success

Why Quitting Should Never Be An Option

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to no longer be a part of the 40-40-40 scam. Working all of those side gigs has paid off. You’ve launched your business, and you’re moving towards your dreams!

You take a deep breath and exhale, realizing that wasn’t such a tough decision after all!

Now for the real challenge — growing and marketing your business to stay competitive and obtain a regular flow of customers.

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Binding Contract - NDA -

Should You Sign That NDA?

As an employee, and even more likely as a freelancer or consultant, you may have been asked to sign an NDA. But, should you?

There are the obvious inherently “built-in confidential agreement” positions, i.e., government employee, Human Resources staff, the lawyer-client relationship, the doctor-patient relationship, which already have the expectation of, “Hey, you can’t repeat what you see or hear without consequences.”

Then there are the (somewhat) not so obvious positions — programmers, designers, writers, sales personnel, marketing personnel, real estate personnel, volunteers, and the list can go on.

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Happy New Year 2016 -

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year! What a crazy ride it’s been!  Here’s to hoping your year ended on the positive side and with many goals accomplished!

New Year's 2016 -

This year will be the year where social media will see many changes to its tools and search engines will implement new algorithms, making businesses adapt in order to keep up.

There will continue to be substantial growth in the marketing plans of businesses recognizing the return on investing in social media and mobile marketing (when done correctly).

The desktop computer will collect a bit more dust, as more people (and potential customers) rely 100% on their mobile devices for engaging on social media sites, watching live TV and movies, shopping, banking, gaming, viewing websites, video meetings, and many other every day tasks.

So, rise and grind and get to working on your personal and business goals for 2016!

Discount on Holiday and New Year’s Campaigns

This week will kick-off many holiday parties — personal and work related!

Most companies have already finalized their holiday party dates, with rented venues, invitation emails sent, and flyers posted.

Holiday and New Year’s Campaigns Discount

As the year rapidly comes to a close — and I hope it is a good, if not great, ending of 2015 for everyone — next up on the planning list is the New Year’s Eve Party!

If time has caught you a bit unprepared and you’re in need of design work to advertise your holiday celebrations, product sales or New Year’s promotions — drop me a note to get started with your project.

Available services include: web and print design for posters, banners, flyers, email newsletters (with coding), and other sales promotional material — all customized to your personal or business specifications!

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