3 Time Management Problems and Solutions for New Small Business Owners

3 Time Management Solutions for Small Business Owners

You’ve taken the jump and now you’re a small business owner. Maybe you’re a freelancer or independent consultant working full-time. Maybe you’re no longer rolling solo and are now managing a team. Maybe you’re still a 9-to-5 worker and performing side gigs in your spare time.

Whichever is your status, you’ve gotten past mindset obstacles and you’re working on your dream job — owning and growing your own business.

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Lessons Learned Consulting

5 Lessons Learned as a Consultant

Consulting is hard work, especially when you’re an independent consultant. Perseverance is vital for success with your business.

In my post Why Quitting Should Never Be An Option, I touched on a few obstacles one may face as a new consultant and business owner.

Whether it’s your first year or you’re just starting out, it never hurts to learn from the mistakes of other business owners and open up to advice.

Here are five tips for what I’ve learned to stay on course with growing my consulting business:

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5 Best Personal Practices of a Business Owner

5 Personal Best Practices of a Business Owner

As a business owner, new or established, you’ve probably heard a lot of best practices for maintaining a successful business.

Be personable and approachable. Build trust with your staff and customers. Keep accurate sales, expenses and payroll records. Grow your regular customer base. Network, network, network.

We’ve heard at least one, if not all, of these phrased in one way or another.

But what about self-improvement tips for a business owner? Personal best practices don’t receive the same attention at networking conferences or even from our mentors.

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Binding Contract - NDA - Glynis.net

Should You Sign That NDA?

As an employee, and even more likely as a freelancer or consultant, you may have been asked to sign an NDA. But, should you?

There are the obvious inherently “built-in confidential agreement” positions, i.e., government employee, Human Resources staff, the lawyer-client relationship, the doctor-patient relationship, which already have the expectation of, “Hey, you can’t repeat what you see or hear without consequences.”

Then there are the (somewhat) not so obvious positions — programmers, designers, writers, sales personnel, marketing personnel, real estate personnel, volunteers, and the list can go on.

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How to Make Extra Income - Glynis.net

How to Make Extra Income

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and that means the holiday season is here! If you’re like many people, you may be looking for ways to increase your income to help with purchasing gifts for family, friends, and your significant other. Or, perhaps, you want to begin bringing in extra income throughout the year and not just for the holiday season. Not sure if you’ll get that pay increase or bonus anytime soon? There are multiple ways to start bringing in some — even a lot of — extra income!

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