I’m an Independent Consultant who performs Design, Content Writing and Social Media Management services. Working primarily with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups, and small to medium sized businesses, I help with web design, creating logos, banners, infographics, writing engaging content for websites and social sites, and creating landing pages for lead generation.

Valued Principles

Always possess a strong customers-first attitude and respect everyone no matter their position. A title does not make one a manager or a leader. Regardless of one’s position, it is about the customer and providing quality service, to ensure continued growth and profits within one’s business.

 What Drives Me

I enjoy being creative, thinking way outside of the box, and providing stellar service in everything I do. I genuinely enjoy sharing information, helping people whenever I can, and I volunteer my skills as often as possible to non-profit organizations.

See my Services page for a list of what I can do for you.


My favorite past-time activities include working out, kick-boxing, live entertainment, sports bars, photography, controversial debates, and forever trying and learning new things. As another way of unwinding, the geekette in me also enjoys online gaming — especially indie games, which many don’t get the recognition they deserve.

I love squashing the “online gamer” stereotype!!